All orders are custom printed as soon as possible after receipt of payment.  Despatch is usually within three days, but please allow fourteen working days for delivery.  Packing and delivery costs are included in the price for the UK.  Please contact Gay for mailing costs for abroad when you place your order. 

The copyright of all the images on this website rests with Gay Corran: any form of reproduction is allowed only by negotiation and subsequent written permission from the artist.


Images are printed onto high quality matt card, size A4, price £2.00 per sheet.  For this price you can specify one card, printed back and front, folded to size A5; or two folded cards, half size; or four postcards, quarter size: all supplied with envelopes and blank for your handwritten message on the reverse or inside.  UK P&P included; minimum order £10.

For .25p extra per card you can specify a printed greeting, such as Happy Birthday or Anniversary, Thinking of You, or words of your choice.  Most flower subjects are suitable for such a greeting to be printed on the front; most landscapes need any greeting on the inside of the card.  Examples here.


Images are printed onto high quality paper and laminated to make table place mats which are wipe-clean.  £2.00 each.  They will take hand warm plates but will not take anything too hot to hold without oven gloves.  A set of place mats makes a highly decorative table setting which can be very effective for special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.  Guests at such festivities often appreciate being invited to take them home as mementoes of a special occasion.   You can choose a set of different images, or order a set of the same subjects.  You can personalise the mats by choosing your image/s and Emailing me a photograph and/or words to go in the centre, for 25 p extra per mat.  Discount for quantities over twenty: please Email me for more information.  UK P&P included; minimum order £10.  Examples here.


Your chosen image will be printed onto archival quality watercolour card, especially made for accurate long lasting fine art printing.  Although these prints are not limited editions, they are nevertheless printed in small numbers: you will not see them everywhere!  All the prints are sold with acid free bevel cut mounts, backed with acid free white card and protected with a polypropylene bag.  Sizes are: A4 single mounted £20 each; (finished size xxx ) A3 double mounted £40 each (finished size xxx).    UK P&P included.  Examples here.


Two complete recipes, with ingredients, instructions and photographs are printed, one each side of A4 paper, which is then laminated in a gloss finish with a hole-punched  margin, which can be put in a ring binder for safe keeping.  Each card can be removed from the folder for use, and is easily cleaned should it be splashed or spattered while the recipe is in the thick of things.  They make good prezzies, especially for those cooking for gluten-free needs; although "normals" don't know they are eating gluten free!  £2.00 each.  Examples here.

All the recipes are gluten free, low GI and low carbohydrate: for the rationale and philosophy underlying this way of eating please see below.


I am a diabetic coeliac.  I control both conditions entirely by nutrition, and I do not take any medications whatever.  (For the story of my journey through diabetes, please click here.)

My philosophy for staying healthy through diet is simple:  I eat real food!  I do not frequent the gluten free/ free-from aisles in supermarkets or health food shops: most products sold there are high carb, highly processed, factory manufactured, packaged substitutes for real nutrition.

When making treats for visiting friends and family I use ground almonds, coconut flour and other ground nuts instead of wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, buckwheat or potato flour; I use free-range eggs, unadulterated butter, and virgin coconut oil for their valuable natural fats, which come with their inherently absorbable vitamins A, D, K, and E (unusable by the body without the presence of fat in the diet); I mostly use xylitol instead of sugar, except for dark molasses sugar for the occasional butterscotch treat. 

For more info on xylitol, visit www.xylitol.co.uk

For more info on low carb, gluten free, real nutrition, please refer to the reading list given in Diabetes: One Woman's Journey: link given above.  Or go straight to; Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life, by Nora T. Gedgaudas, if you have a Kindle, or visit her blog.

I will lose vegetarians and vegans at this point, as I eat naturally reared meat and fish.  Vegetables do not provide all the vitamins and minerals that we need, (vitamin B 12, for example), and they are often deficient in magnesium and other minerals, depending on the health of the soil in which they are grown.  Besides, I believe mankind was designed to be omnivorous.  And I would be sad to see no animals grazing our meadows and hills.  I believe we have a duty to eat only humanely reared, naturally fed farm animals, which lead an enjoyable life of normal interactions with their own kind and with the humans who care for them.  I abhor factory farming, grain feed-lots, (cows are herbivores, not grain-eaters) life-long imprisonment in cages, or any other form of cruelty to animals.  For a most interesting take on the subject, I recommend reading The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith.

In answer to the accusation that eating naturally grown meat is unduly expensive, I point to the savings made by eschewing all those rows of sugary drinks, pop, biscuits, cakes, cereals and other factory-produced food in every supermarket.  What I save in the central aisles I spend on real ingredients found on the perimeters of the shop, or in a local butcher's shop where the proprietor knows the provenance of his meat.

And I can get a proper meal on to the table within twenty minutes of arriving home, cooked from scratch and utterly delicious!

Hence the recipes found here:  please re-visit the website if you like what you find, as I will add more recipes on a regular basis.

Happy cooking, and good health to you and your family!