Still Lifes

Aubergines, Squash, Snails, Pot


Candle in a pewter holder, with apple 2010

Diana's Squashes with Jug 2008

Jug with Autumn Vegetables 2010

La Courtade,

Aubergines, Artichoke, Nectarine, Melon

with Ancient Pot. 2008

La Courtade,

Pears, Apples & a Glass of Rosé,


Le Chinaillon Blue Pot

with Yellow Fruit 2007

Le Chinaillon Terracotta jug

with fruit & veg 2007

Linucia Still Life, 2006

Pears, wooden candle holder,

ivy 2006

Peppers in a bowl with tomato plant,


Salt glaze pot. apple, snail,

La Courtade, 2009

Spring & Autumn in the kitchen 2010